Accepted Papers

Author Title
Andrea Pugnana Topics in Selective Classification
Catherine Ordun Multimodal Deep Generative Models for Remote Medical Applications
Esmaeil Seraj Embodied, Intelligent Communication for Multi-Agent Cooperation
Hiromu Yakura Failure-Resistant Intelligent Interaction for Reliable Human-AI Collaboration
Huixin Zhan Privacy-Preserving Representation Learning for Text-Attributed Networks with Simplicial Complexes
Jadie Adams Probabilistic Shape Models of Anatomy Directly from Images
James Ainooson Modeling strategies as programs: How to study strategy differences in intelligent systems with program synthesis
Joel Michelson Theory of mind: a familiar aspect of humanity to give machines
Joseph Alejandro Gallego Mejia Efficient Non-Parametric Neural Density Estimation and Its Application to Outlier and Anomaly Detection
Kaleigh Clary Assessing Learned Representations under Open-World Novelty
Lily Xu Learning and Planning Under Uncertainty for Conservation Decisions
Lucia Cipolina-Kun Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with Theoretical Guarantees
Priyanka Ranade Knowledge-Embedded Narrative Construction from Open Source Intelligence
Raja Farrukh Ali Non-Exponential Reward Discounting in Reinforcement Learning
Saed Rezayi Learning Better Representations Using Auxiliary Knowledge
Thao Le Explaining the Uncertainty in AI-Assisted Decision Making
Xinlu Zhang Deep learning for Medical Prediction in Electronic Health Records
Yiming Li Poisoning-based Backdoor Attacks in Computer Vision
Yiwei Lyu Safe Interactive Autonomy for Multi-agent Systems
Yuwei Sun Meta Learning in Decentralized Neural Networks: Towards More General AI