1. The application asks me to provide names of 5 AI researchers as possible mentors. Is there a list?
    • No, there isn’t a list. AAAI attendance varies every year and we don’t know who will attend AAAI in advance. Mentors must be an attendant who is available to do so. You can look at the DC program committee members on the about page and find scientists whose research excites you. Otherwise, provide the names of 5 researchers that you know about and we will do our best to find someone who has similar research interests.
  2. Do I need to use the AAAI template for the DC abstract?
    • Yes, please use the official templates. Not using the official template will result in a desk rejection.
  3. Is it possible to both submit a paper to the AAAI Main Technical track and apply for the Doctoral Consortium?
    • Yes, you can apply for the Doctoral Consortium and also submit a paper to the main technical track.