Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Room 209A.

Feb. 7 (Tuesday)

Session 1: 8:45am–12:30pm EST

  • [8:45am] Welcome and Logistics, Lei Li and Jakob Foerster.

  • [9:00am-10:00am] Invited Talk Amy Zhang (UT Austin), Exploring Context for Better Generalization in Reinforcement Learning
    Host: Lei Li

  • [10:00am-11:00am] Mentoring session for mentor-mentees. Soical Session.

  • [11:00am] Kaleigh Clary Assessing Learned Representations under Open-World Novelty
    Mentor: Amy Zhang

  • [11:30am] Joseph Alejandro Gallego Mejia Efficient Non-Parametric Neural Density Estimation and Its Application to Outlier and Anomaly Detection
    Mentor: Maria Chang

  • [12:00pm] Huixin Zhan Privacy-Preserving Representation Learning for Text-Attributed Networks with Simplicial Complexes
    Mentor: Stefania Costantini

[12:30pm - 2:00pm] Lunch (Student lead lunch with mentors)

Session 2: 2pm–3:30pm EST

  • [2:00pm] Joel Michelson Theory of mind: a familiar aspect of humanity to give machines
    Mentor: Laura Hiatt

  • [2:30pm] Saed Rezayi Learning Better Representations Using Auxiliary Knowledge
    Mentor: Ruben Glatt

  • [3:00pm] Catherine Ordun Multimodal Deep Generative Models for Remote Medical Applications
    Mentor: Lei Li

[3:30pm - 4:00pm] break and social

Session 3: 4:00–6:00pm EST

  • [4:00pm] Lily Xu Learning and Planning Under Uncertainty for Conservation Decisions
    Mentor: David Aha

  • [4:30pm] Esmaeil Seraj Embodied, Intelligent Communication for Multi-Agent Cooperation
    Mentor: Matthew E., Taylor

  • [5:00pm] Lucia Cipolina-Kun Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning with Theoretical Guarantees
    Mentor: Biplav Srivastava

  • [5:30pm] Yiwei Lyu Safe Interactive Autonomy for Multi-agent Systems
    Mentor: Fei Fang

** [6:15-8:30pm] Group Dinner for all mentors and students **

Feb. 8 (Wednesday)

Session 4: 9:00am–12pm EST

  • [9:00am-10:00am] Invited Talk Pulkit Agrawal (MIT), Fun with Robots and Machine Learning
    Host: Jakob Foerster

  • [10:00am-11:00am] Mentoring session for mentor-mentees. Soical Session.

  • [11:00am] Yiming Li Poisoning-based Backdoor Attacks in Computer Vision
    Mentor: Andrea, Omicini

  • [11:30am] Hiromu Yakura Failure-Resistant Intelligent Interaction for Reliable Human-AI Collaboration
    Mentor: Pulkit Agrawal

  • [12:00pm] Thao Le Explaining the Uncertainty in AI-Assisted Decision Making
    Mentor: Matthew Gombolay

[12:30pm - 2:00pm] Lunch (Student lead lunch with mentors)

Session 2: 2pm–3:30pm EST

  • [2:00pm] Priyanka Ranade Knowledge-Embedded Narrative Construction from Open Source Intelligence
    Mentor: Mark Roberts

  • [2:30pm] Xinlu Zhang Deep learning for Medical Prediction in Electronic Health Records
    Mentor: Jun Araki

  • [3:00pm] Jadie Adams Probabilistic Shape Models of Anatomy Directly from Images
    Mentor: Mohan Sridharan

[3:30pm - 4:00pm] break and social

Session 3: 4:00–6:00pm EST

  • [4:00pm] Raja Farrukh Ali Non-Exponential Reward Discounting in Reinforcement Learning
    Mentor: Jakob Foerster

  • [4:30pm] Andrea Pugnana Topics in Selective Classification
    Mentor: Lili Mou

  • [5:00pm] Yuwei Sun Meta Learning in Decentralized Neural Networks: Towards More General AI
    Mentor: Felipe Rech Meneguzzi

  • [5:30pm] James Ainooson Modeling strategies as programs: How to study strategy differences in intelligent systems with program synthesis

  • [6:00pm] Closing Remarks

Poster Session

Thursday Feb 9th, 7-9pm EST (along with AAAI main conference)

Accepted Papers