Feb. 22 (Tuesday)

Session 1: 7:45–11:05AM PST (3:45–7:05PM UTC)

  • [7:45am] Welcome and Logistics

  • [8:00am] Invited Talk I by Manuela Veloso, “AI in Finance: Examples and Discussion

  • [8:45am] Ariel Kwiatkowski, “Creating Interactive Crowds with Reinforcement Learning”
    Mentor: Joydeep Biwas

  • [9:20am] Lydia Bryan-Smith, “Using Multimodal Data and AI to Dynamically Map Flood Risk”
    Mentor: Shirin Sohrabi

  • [9:55am] Sebastian Berns, “Increasing the Diversity of Deep Generative Models”
    Mentor: Wenbin Zhang

  • [10:30am] Nicholas Halliwell, “Evaluating Explanations of Relational Graph Convolutional Network Link Predictions on Knowledge Graphs”
    Mentor: Yuzhou Chen

Session 2: 3:30–5:50PM PST (11:30PM–1:50AM[+1d] UTC)

  • [3:30pm] Oshin Agarwal, “Towards Robust Named Entity Recognition via Temporal Domain Adaptation and Entity Context Understanding”
    Mentor: Wenjuan Han

  • [4:05pm] Kanishka Misra, “On Semantic Cognition, Inductive Generalization, and Language Models”
    Mentor: Lili Mou

  • [4:40pm] Rohan Paleja, “Mutual Understanding in Human-Machine Teaming”
    Mentor: Laura Hiatt

  • [5:15pm] Indrapriyadarsini Sendilkkumaar, “On the practical robustness of the Nesterov’s accelerated quasi-Newton method”
    Mentor: Serdar Kadioglu

Feb. 23 (Wednesday)

Session 3: 7:30–11:00AM PST (3:30–7:00PM UTC)

  • [7:30am] Welcome and Logistics

  • [7:40am] Deeksha Arya, “AI-Driven Road Condition Monitoring Across Multiple Nations”
    Mentor: Mohan Sridharan

  • [8:15am] Stefan Heidekrueger, “Equilibrium Learning in Auction Markets”
    Mentor: Jie Zhang

  • [8:50am] Denizalp Goktas, “An Algorithmic Theory of Markets and their Application to Decentralized Markets”
    Mentor: Jie Zhang

  • [9:25am] Shefeh Mbuy, “Dynamic Algorithmic Impact Assessment to Promote an Ethical Use of AI in Businesses”
    Mentor: Sven Koenig

  • [10:00am] Invited Talk II by Claudio Pinhanez, “Multi-Disciplinary Work in AI: Opportunities, Management, and Costs

Session 4: 3:30–6:30PM PST (11:30PM–2:30AM[+1d] UTC)

  • [3:30pm] Aarti Malhotra, “Socially Intelligent Affective AI”
    Mentor: Dakuo Wang

  • [4:05pm] Matthew Fontaine, “Towards Automating the Generation of Human-Robot Interaction Scenarios”
    Mentor: Matthew Gombolay

  • [4:40pm] Fan Meng, “Creating Interpretable Data-Driven Approaches for Tropical Cyclones Forecasting”
    Mentor: Dhaval Patel

  • [5:15pm] Geetanjali Bihani, “Interpretable Privacy Preservation of Text Representations Using Vector Steganography”
    Mentor: Ferdinando Fioretto

  • [5:50pm] Career Panel Discussion
    Panelists: Yuandong Tian (Meta (Facebook) AI Lab); Matthew Gombolay (Georgia Institute of Technology); Ferdinando Fioretto (Syracuse University); Ruben Glatt (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory).

  • [6:30pm] Closing Remarks